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Rice Paddy Establishment

First year rice paddy establishment at what is likely the coldest climate on Earth in which rice is being seriously researched.

This video shows stripped topsoil from the site being put back into the paddy before the 1200-1500 seed starts are transplanted into it in May.  It's interesting to see a high nutrient (ducks will fertilize the water input to the paddies), low flow system next to an aquaculture pond -they stay separate and no silt-laden water from the paddies ever leaves the land - it fertigates via gravity fed to tree and berry crops in the field below.  The water storage capacity of each paddy makes it apparent how much more intense flooding in monsoonal Asia would be if the landscapes did not contain massive amounts of paddies.  (They serve like wetlands for hilly lands).


Oil to soil: we can't eat petroleum but we can eat for thousands of years off of the infrastructure we can make with it.
Nothing new of course, but such infrastructure used to take decades, centuries and slaves.  Now it takes less oil than a few commutes for many of us.  I figure about 20 gallons of diesel can power enough swale-mound and terrace earthworks for the typical small farm or homestead to capture, store and infiltrate 90%+ of the stormwater landing on site during the growing season, while greatly building soil and increasing food yields from the system in the process.

Cheers to spring and this nice space between ice ages...