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Miners Die in West VA: Disaster by Design, What's the Surprise Here?

The recent mining deaths in West Virginia - tragic, every one of their lives, indeed.  A catastrophe for their families and communities.  But where's the context of this story in the press.  Coal mining kills hundreds (officially), probably thousands directly each year at the mine operations.  How many more die from vaporizing earth's crust into the atmosphere?  Coal mining is disaster by design, it's that simple.  A couple of dozen of guys dying in a mine in Appalachia is tiny fragment of the catastrophe that is the fossil fuel powered industrial base of America and the modern world.  Could we live well on safer energy sources?  Sure, let's at least try and see.  How many died in a wind energy related accident last year?  I am not sure that there was one documented case.  How many solar panels killed people in 2009?