By investing in resilient land and solar infrastructure systems our clients are preparing to thrive in a post-cheap energy world.

A growing proportion of our clientele are those seeking wealth preservation and development in this time of economic transition, using land, solar infrastructure, food systems and community.  They are leveraging these "slow money" investments to help ensure future economic viability as the current economy feeding on phantom (derivative) value, cheap energy supplies and a relatively stable biosphere becomes increasingly impossible.  Our clients are moving quickly toward viable long-term land-based solutions that are likely to be most adaptive to the challenges driving the 21st Century. 

Our clients have included/include: 

Private landowners

The State of Vermont 

The City of South Burlington, VT

Middlebury College

The Hotchkiss School

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Transition Towns  

Tibet House U.S.

The Center for Whole Communities

The Lawrenceville School

The University of Vermont

The Riverdale Country School

The Brookwood School

LivingFuture / Teal Farm

The Yestermorrow Design-Build School

The Island School/Cape Eleuthera Institute

Localvore Groups

Master Gardener Groups

Windsor Mountain (formerly Interlocken International) Summer Camp

N.O.F.A. Vermont, N.O.F.A MA and others

The Institute for Social Ecology

SUNY Cortland, Cornell University and many other colleges