Jobs and Apprenticeships

We are always looking to connect with talented, energetic people with an interest in regeneration.  If you think you might have something to offer and want to learn more about our work or process, get hands-on skills at the research farms or otherwise collaborate please contact us.  Be persistent and if you do not hear back from us it is because we get numerous emails and attend to client work first.  Please call us if you do not hear back via email.  

Interns and Apprentices at Whole Systems Research Farm II (with time at WSD's original site)
We will be hosting internships at our newly developing 175 acre farm in central Vermont, starting in April/May 2014.  We are accepting interns on a rolling basis and are offering the following opportunity:

  • Hands-on practice in developing a regenerative commercial farm with multiple enterprises: including raising animals, seed-saving, medicine-making, grazing, vegetable production, aquaculture, plant propagation and tree planting, forestry systems, earthworks and keyline, hay-making and more. Interns will work alongside Ben Falk, Erik Shellenberg, Erica Koch ND, our entire Permaculture Design Instructor team, and others experienced in these systems.
  • Experience at the original WSD research farm in Moretown with maintaining and enhancing established systems.  This work at an established site will go along with work at the larger new site to form a whole picture of permaculture land use from year 0 to year 10.  
  • Planting and map-making at the new site, laying out farm-scale plantings on swales, planting, labeling and mapping all systems.  (This will be a massively learning-filled experience by itself).
  • Farmer's market management
  • Assistance with and connection to the WSD permaculture design course and other Whole Systems Skills courses is possible through this program, applicant dependent.
  • Housing provided and experience provided, no charge and no stipend.  
  • Apprenticeships, employment and eventual land procurement opportunities are possibilities for those engaging in this program.  
  • 20-40 hours/week of internship available.  
  • Possible design experience in the WSD studio available to design and graphics professionals, as well as students in landscape architecture, architecture and other students with formal training and design consultancy experience with Ben Falk in the field on project sites.

What skills will I be exposed to and practice?

Medicine making, and plant system establishment
Pollinator promotion
Hand tool use and maintenance
Design, system layouts, map-making, recording via plans
Tree planting Earth shaping and earthworks
Site design and management day to day
Animal husbandry
Grazing/rotations/animal care and fencing
Keyline ID and design/layout 
Animal processing
Garden design
Companion planting
Crop rotation
Weed control
Sowing/broadcasting, plant spacing
Successional planting and management
Season extension techniques
Composting Remineralization and biochar
Erosion control Tractor use Irrigation/gravity feed
Fertility management
Tree/bush crops: 
Propagation techniques
Plant ID Water/irrigation systems
Produce processing and marketing
And much much more as part of the daily life on a farm and homestead.
If interested, send a letter of qualifications and resume or portfolio to

In-House Nurseryman/woman, plant propagator
Our second research farm is seeking someone with significant plant propagation experience to establish an enterprise on site which will provide the thousands of plants needed to plant-out the property over the next several years.  The enterprise could also provide plant material to the local region.  This would be a live-in situation where the nurserywoman/man run this business based on the farm. It would probably be a part time job for most of the year, full time during the late winter/early spring.  Signicant support would be available to help incubate this business.  Prospects for long term tenancy or ownership are significant over time.  

Programs Expansion: Yoga, Whole Foods Chef, related
As WSD continues to grow programming we are looking to connect with people who have interest and ability to manage, instruct and develop such programs at our farm landscape.  One program of interest already identified is yoga and permaculture integrated into single course/program, but we are open to other areas of focus as well including applied herbalism and land-based medicine work.  

Research Associate / Project Developer / Communications Support
WSD seeks a part time (leading eventually to full time) project developer and researcher to continue organizational initiatives by the production of white papers, mapping and other analysis and communications. Projects include local, statewide and international land-based developments. Work involves researching and developing these initiatives into compelling project packages that share the project with large audiences and can garner funding.  Currently this is a fund-your-own position with WSD providing full grant writing support.

We are always accepting portfolios via email from innovative designers, craftspeople and culture change agents.

Due to the high volume of interest we regret that we are not always able to respond to all inquiries.  A portfolio is recommended for most work-related opportunities.

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