Learning and Healing Landscapes

We design to promote contact with the living world.

Learning and healing landscape systems include:
Outdoor classrooms
Campus food gardens and edible landscapes
Therapeutic/healing gardens and outdoor spaces
Adventure spaces/landscape challenge courses

We work with schools, retreat centers, hospitals and other educational and therapeutic organizations to further their programs by optimizing the setting in which learning and healing occurs.

Living landscape elements – plants, falling water, wildlife, sunshine, views and fresh air support the learning and healing process. Organizations and private home owners are finding that their physical setting is as health-promoting, or detracting, as non-physical aspects of their lifestyle and programs. Schools are starting to realize the power of their campus as a learning tool and are leveraging this “hidden curriculum” to enhance student learning.

Click here to download our Learning Landscape Primer (4000k PDF)

Place is pedagogy. Spaces can enliven or detract from our health.
Optimized landscapes extend programs beyond the walls of the interior environment into the living world.