Whole Systems Design supports, collaborates with and/or simply appreciates the work of the following organizations.

Some of these sites are also excellent learning resources. 

2/3 World Private Dev. Initiative - Spend a few years learning this info.

AgroInnovations - Great podcast site

Allan Savory - One of the best sources of how humans can heal, not just destroy

Arbor Day Foundation (Hardiness Zone Change Page)

Bright Blue Ecomedia

Buckminster Fuller Inst. Challenge Video (This is ecological design described well)

Bullock Bros. Permaculture Homestead

Cape Eleuthera Island School

Cape Systems Limited

The Conway School of Landscape Design

Cornell Biochar Soil Fertility Research Portal

Center for Whole Communities

The "Collapse Gap" - Dmitri Orlov shows parallel empire failures between U.S.S.R. and U.S.A

Design to Adapt: One of our blogs

Ember Photography - A friend

Future Scenarios by Holmgren

Gardening - the Last Form of Revolution?  We're not 'survivalists' but Jack is spot on here. 

Global Crop Diversity Trust

Growing Power - Be inspired. Be very inspired.

Holistic Managament - Hope for integrated land decision making

The Land Institute


Ocean Arks International

Plants for a Future

The Private Landowner Network

Project Bona Fide

Rocky Mountain Institute

Sepp Holzer - a sampling of his visionary land work

Thomas Jefferson Inst for Crop Diversity

Tursini Woodturning and Bowl Works - A friend

University of Vermont Environmental Studies Program

The Vertical Farming Project - Can you imagine liveable urban cores without serious nutrient cycling and production? 

Vermont Commons

Yestermorrow Design-Build School

Walden Heights Nursery