Online Consults  

These include a review of your goals and project form first, reviewing your site via aerial imagery and contour maps, and about an hour with you (and your family/spouse/partners) on the computer (Skype connection) discussing the most pressing questions you have about your project, identifying primary opportunities and challenges to reaching your project goals and other foundational aspects of your project.  These consults cost $200 for about one hour with you (our research time happening before the call) and can be extended by the hour if needed.  (These consults include a followup email to answer some questions within the cost shown here). These are conducted via Skype for screenshare abilities. Please email for more on these consultations. If you'd like to begin the process without delay please pay for the consult using the button below and we will send you the Goals Form immediately.  
NOTE: All work with our clients is always carried out under a professional duty of confidentiality.  

Type of Consult

"The one hour consultation was very valuable.  It helped me look at the contour lines to pick a house building site.  When I went back to look at the property after the consultation, I could look at it with new eyes..."  ~P. Studley, Amherst, NY

"We really appreciate you sharing your vast experience.  We found the consultation very helpful!  Feel free to use us as reference." ~Phil Gordon, Chester, PA