Our permaculture design courses have often been described as highlight life experiences.

Testimonials are below, all from different student participants. 


"Physically, educationally and emotionally stimulating. Life changing." -Melissa

"This course will be a lifetime highlight."  -Jon

"I knew I'd learn a lot but never anticipated meeting so many incredible people and having that much fun." -Cindy C.

"Intense, beautiful, life-changing." -Anon.

"The permaculture design course at WSD was not what the brochure said it would be... it was so very much more! ...Thank you. -James."  

"I figured I'd learn a ton, but I didn't realize that I'd be spending time in some of the most beautiful places I've ever been."  -Mark G.

"Full, rich learning in many dimensions - well balanced theory, design, hands-on, and also play. A generous offering - deeply meaningful and inspiring. Thank you!" -Anon.

"Ben, just want to say that it's taken a while for everything I learned at last summers' PDC to sink in and get digested - i think i needed the winter as a brain reboot so that information could be added to the OS! I can't believe how many things I'm doing this year that are direct applications of your PDC/videos/etc." -Glenn Barr, BC, Canada

"The Whole Systems Research Farm has what it takes to make the concepts (of permaculture) a reality."  -Brent Wasser, Williams College Faculty

 "Being back is exciting because of the opportunity to see things through a completely different lens. I am very grateful to be able to remain connected with you and classmates to help keep the inspiration and momentum going.  I learn from the land each day, as lessons from your course and other study unexpectedly bubble to the surface of my mind." -Jessie, Ohio

"Transformative. Exceeded my high expectations. Also amazingly fun!" -Anon. 

"You have an amazing spot that perfectly embodied all of the concepts and ideas that we were learning about over the 12 days. All of your work with farming water is truly inspiring and as I return back to the beach it is something that I plan on implementing. It hit me yesterday as I was watering our sandy soil that we are always 1 week from serious drought here- without weekly rain our annuals are done."  John Ibsen

"Hi Ben! I had a feeling your PDC course would change my life, and it has - in many ways, on many levels.  I look at landscapes (and life!) differently now; priorities have shifted; new directions have opened up; and, frankly, hope is renewed.  I'll have to go into detail at another time, but for now just want to send these pictures for your collection and say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  Thanks for giving so generously of what you know and do, for gathering such excellent and inspiring course leaders and drawing such an astounding array of fellow-students, for packing the time with such a rich diversity of learning experiences, and also for your own amazing approach, discoveries, abilities, and hard work.  Above all thanks for a wonderfully warm, happy, and memorable time… Many good wishes!"  Cindy, Garden Designer, Brooklyn, NY

"My experience was informative, busy, challenging, engaging, helpful, interesting and beautiful. The instructors are now friends as are all of the students and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for everything, it was unforgettable."

"This experience was transformative. My head and heart are full. Thank you." -Anon.

"Beautiful weather, land, views, people. Thank you!" -Anon.

"Really well programmed and organized, packed with info. field trips, hands-on, practice, etc." -Anon.

"The experience here is a life-turning one." -Anon.

"Enlightening and inspiring experience into the world of permaculture. Valuable skills to take home and share with the world. Thank you."  -Jessie L.

"The last two weeks have been extraordinarily rewarding and enriching. Thank you!" -Anon.

"A residential and educational immersive in a complete system site. Lived what we were studying." -Anon.

 "Thanks for an extraordinary experience. I learned so much more than I anticipated. Your vision is a contribution that reaches more than you may know."  -J.L.

"The course was valuable to me because I've been working on building a base of knowledge rooted in plant life and earth preservation. I feel that I received a deeper and more comprehensive experience through the curriculum and the quality of the teaching at WSD. -Anon. 

"Thank you for organizing such an informative, hands-on, beautiful, and hilarious course for all of us. I think each of us walked away from this with new knowledge and skills, but especially with rediscovered hope and excitement to carry on. The relationships and connections created in those 2 weeks are invaluable and will be sure to be continued." - H.C.

"I wanted to be exposed to and learn about systems related to permaculture, land management, farming, and community. I learned all that I had wanted to and more."  - Anon.

"The course was great.  It is a tremendous educational offering you have developed.  Thank you very much for everything you did to make it so packed with learning opportunity and good fun."  - S.W.

"The weeks gave form for me to both a system of thinking and some what of a structure for that thinking. It was a very worthwhile for me - much more than I could have anticipated. The group was terrific - it is a group of people, young people for me, who march to their own drummers or many of them do. It is impressive and speaks to the energy and effort that you put into it, that we ended up becoming a real group." -E.K.

"Ben and Erica Falk's research farm is overflowing with learning: life changing principles, processes and strategies for partnering with the land with minimal inputs and abundant yields. Ben and Erica: Thank you for sharing all your knowledge in the 10-day permaculture design certification!" -Kay Megorden-Staten

(The food was):

"Epic, local, organic, superbly crafted, sourced and presented."

"Wine tasting was incredible."

"I don't know as it could be improved much. Amazing."

"A model for everything we are trying to create."