Site Design and Development

We site, design, plant and build the elements of sustaining places: Permaculture and regenerative farm systems, natural buildings and infrastructure, outdoor living spaces, food gardens, orchards, watercourses, ponds, woodlands, meadows, pasture. We site buildings and roadways, design stonewalls and outbuildings and construct these components. We also produce management plans to ensure the success of these systems. All of our projects are designed for climate change.

Design and installation services include:

Permaculture farms and resilient homesteads

  • Orchards, tree crops and perennial plantings
  • Forest gardening and multiple-yield agroforestry systems
  • Shelterbelts and windbreaks/hedgerows
  • Meadows
  • Intensive annuals
  • Rotational pasture
  • Mushroom production
  • Water farming: pond & wetland agriculture and aquaculture
  • Water harvesting via ponds, swales, roof catchment and watercourses
  • Earthworks for ponds, microclimates, windbreaks
  • Drip irrigation

Patios, terraces, reflecting and bathing pools
Living roof and building-integrated plantings
Orchard rehabilitation, tree pruning and tree harvesting
Rain gardens, bioswales and stormwater mitigation
Forest management, horse logging and sawmilling
View and privacy enhancement
Wildlife gardens
Outdoor classrooms and learning landscape/interpretive elements
Outdoor bathing, sunning, eating and sleeping spaces
Garden outbuildings such as saunas and barns


Sauna Pond Before After by Whole Systems Design, LLC from Ben Falk on Vimeo.