The Homestead Apothecary with Erica Koch Falk, ND, M.Ed

Part I

  • Consult with client (and family) to identify major health concerns and assess current health needs and challenges.  Perform diagnostics.
  • Choose the top 5-10 medicinal plants that will best address these health concerns and support vitality as well as grow in their bioregion, zone, and soil.
  • Discuss medicinal properties, indications, contra-indications, drug-herb interactions, and dosing to ensure safe and effective use of these medicinal plants and fungi.

Part II

  • Teach hands-on harvesting and medicine-making practices to demonstrate how to process and preserve the medicine and develop your homestead apothecary.
  • Illustrate basic earthworks, planting and seed-saving practices to provide greater yield, resiliency, and potency of the harvest.