Welcome to the Whole Systems Design tool store

All tools and materials here vetted and used by Ben Falk. 


Permaculture Skills DVD - our PDC's distilled into 8 hours of top quality footage. 

Inhabit - a permaculture perspective - inspirational film about permaculture

Brad Lancaster's - essential water and design works 

A Timeless Way of Building - foundational for anyone thinking through buildings and space

A Pattern Language - goes with the Timeless Way, Alexander's famous work

One Straw Revolution

Tree Crops - A Permanent Agriculture

Tending the Wild

1491 - America as it was - gardened

General Homestead and Farm Essentials/Tools

Mora companion knife - can't beat it in carbon steel for the price. You can keep it srsly sharp. 

King sharpening stone - waterstone - if you only own one stone this does it all.

A good strop to take the edge to the next level

Best splitting wood splitting tool I've used, Gransfors Bruks

Speedy Stitcher - essential all around repair tool

Best Damn Utility Knife Made - Tajima

Incredible Chalk Line - you'll need one, this one rules

Otis Gun Cleaning System - best all around, easy, fast, quality. 

Outer's gun cleaning solvent - no odor, works. 

Hori Hori - essential in any garden and for transplanting herbaceous perennials. Keep it on you.

King of Spades - the lifetime planting spade. Amazing tool. You'll enjoy every moment with it. 

Streamlight small light - in my pocket all the time. Light is key.

Makita Impact Driver - constant workhouse. Built the farm with it. 18v is minimum and Makita's is the best.

Rechargeable batteries 123's - for headlamps, water purifier, more.

AA and AAA Rechargebale's - super key to have on hand. The Eneloop's are the best I know of.

To keep them charged - best charger, last many cycles. 

Small screwdriver set - finally found a good quality one that doesn't break. For all those tiny things from scopes to electronics.  

Pentel 0.7 mm pencils - go to for design and 0.9 for carpentry 

Good trace paper - make your mistakes on paper

Epic architect scale (ruler), needed for planning

Epic engineer's scale, also needed

Vice grip adjustable wrench - THE most ingenius and go to hand tool I have. 

Tweezers - if you have ticks you need a good one, these are epic. 

Fein Tool - the do anyting oscillating tool, beyond useful 


Plant Propagation and Pruning Supplies

Best basic grafting knife good for all whip and tongue work (bench grafting) and budding.  Make thousands of plants for pennies or free.

Gashell's Grafting Wax - the best. No mess, versatile.

Felco 13's - pruners - the most versatile hand pruner. Lifetime tool. Don't buy a cheaper once twice - it's more expensive. 

Grafting tape - Parafim: 1" wide, most versatile.

Pole pruners - very good value - not the top of the line but have had great results.