Vegetable Fuel Systems

We have developed, driven on and tested straight vegetable oil fuel systems for over 6 years and have logged 175,000 miles on waste vegetable oil fuel (WVO).

Heated fuel systems are in rapid development for operating Diesel engines on a variety of liquid biofuels. We have innovated heating fuel system components including fuel tanks, delivery systems and on-board plumbing configurations. Due the innumerable variables involved in achieving reliably hot fuel delivery we have tested heat performance of these systems at every step. Our development and testing has been conducted on the following vehicles, these include both indirect and direct injection Diesels.

  • Volkswagen engine models A1 – A4 (1980’s to 2003)
  • Mercedes indirect injection systems
  • Chevrolet 6.2 liter
  • Dodge Ram (Cummins turbo Diesel)
  • Ford trucks (Powerstroke)
  • Peugeot (Bosch injection)

Findings are starting to come in from the past 6 years of development. In synopsis the findings include the following (more formal results are forthcoming):

  • Reliable fuel heating in cold climates is difficult, but possible.
  • Heating through a multi-pronged approach is needed in New England winters.
  • Looping the fuel return enhances fuel heat greatly but presents crucial air entry challenges.
  • Tank heating is not as important as usually thought, but point specific heating is crucial.
  • Proper settling of vegetable fuel in the right environment is critical to separate contaminants.
  • Driving techniques are important to WVO fuel success.

In the near future we will be spray testing injectors; this will provide important insights derived from our main test vehicle which has been run on WVO from 6,800 miles.