Visiting Whole Systems Research Farm

To share the challenges, results, and joy in intentional ecosystem development we offer a variety of Mad River Valley farm-based experiences. (See below for more).  We encourage groups visiting the farm and can usually work out some arrangement that works for varied budgets from paying for the time to work-trades for those with more strength and skills than cash.  Single person visits are impractical for us to accommodate but are possible if one has something to share experience wise.  Please send an email, resume or portfolio overviewing your experience if you'd like to visit solo.  Please be persistent in inquiring - we get many requests and not all emails can be answered, especially during the growing season.  Please do not be offended if you do not hear back from us. 


Informational Walking Tour
April to October
Walking tour of the ponds, rice paddies, swales, perennial hedges, orchard, edible landscape, buildings, gardens, mushroom plots, woodlot, fuelwood hedges, and other systems at the Deans Mountain site.
Time: 1.5 hours
Participation: 4 person minimum.
Fee: $40/person or $160 minimum. Negotiable for community members, non-profit organizations, and educational programs.  No one is turned down due to cost, see more below - volunteer-work-trade oppotunities exist. 

Educational Work-Trade Tour
Walking tour combined with a hands-on work project to gain knowledge and skill through direct participation with site development. Work projects are contingent upon season and the system’s needs.
Time: 2 hour tour 2 hour work project, with breaks, total time = 4.5 hours
Participation: 5 person minimum
Fee: $30/person. Negotiable for community members, non-profit organizations, and educational programs.

Custom Tour, Meeting Space, Other
The custom tour is appropriate to a group seeking inspiration and information for the development of their own site, whether it be of residential, institutional, or community scale. The tour with focus determined by your group’s interests, from overall system review to specific system components (i.e., water, orchards, buildings). Discussion with refreshments follows. Custom tours are collaboratively designed to suit the scale and scope of goals of the group’s project and/or interests. This often includes a goals articulation for the client’s site/infrastructure and how regenerative design can be utilized in its development.
Time: 2 to 5 hours
Participation: 6 person minimum
Fee: Determined by tour participation, length and content.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of WSD’s proving ground and farm in Vermont's Mad River Valley.

"Thank you so much for the tour of Whole Systems Design yesterday. You have beautiful examples of how systems are integrated, loops are closed, and the landscape is regenerative. The students really enjoyed your tour and were commenting on how interesting they found it; I could tell they were looking at things from new perspectives."  ~Marlys Edddy, Horticulture Professor at Vermont Technical College

"Thanks for the tremendously inspiring visit and tour. It was stunning to see your place and the work you've done. Everybody came home really jazzed. I was really blown away by the effect of earthworks and rotational grazing on your bedrock hillside, holy cow. Very reassuring to see put into practice some of what I've been reading about and see it work so dramatically."  ~Susanne Hale, Professor of Plant & Soil Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst

"I wanted to thank you again for your outstanding presentation to the Mountain Gardeners last week.  The scope of your knowledge is remarkable and we all left with our heads swimming with new ideas, a sure sign of a successful afternoon"
~Liz Weller, Community Organizer