Wealth Preservation & Security 

Many of our clients ask the same fundamental resiliency question:  

"How do I transform current dollars into far more durable long term assets that can support my family for the long term?"  

In times of economic, social and ecological systems volatility those with forethought and means have always sought food, energy, social and economic refuges where they can invest resources available in the present day to reduce their family's exposure to systems failure. Anticipatory people also proactively plan for times when once abundant resources are relatively scarce in the future.  Our work in land-based enterprise and homestead development serves this process by providing families with the foundations of basic security by helping them establish a land-based lifestyle option that is:

  • healthy for the long haul
  • directly connected with relatively self-reliant food and energy production
  • buffered from areas most vulnerable to systems failure
  • connected to and within resilient social situations
  • enjoyable, accessible and educational