What We Do


"Whole Systems Design outlined a path toward success in opportunities we hadn’t yetBen Falk's new book identified.” ~Josh Hahn, Ed. M., Harvard University, Asst. Dean, The Hotchkiss School

We identify, design, and develop human habitats - landscape and infrastructure systems - that yield perennial abundance and enduring value. These are adaptive, resilient and secure places in a future of peak oil, climate instability, and deepening economic insolvency.  See the Site Consultation and Property Evaluation pages to learn about how our process begins.  We plan, develop, and manage land-based wealth preservation and security projects for those with the forethought to invest an abundance of present day resources to reduce their familly's vulnerability to future food, energy and other supply-chain disturbances, as well as peak-oil, climatic, economic and other events. 

We design and implement regenerative food, fuel, and shelter systems that operate on current solar energy.  These are homesteads, farms and schools fit for a challenging future of peak oil, climate change and economic transition.

Developing this solar infrastructure requires a multi-disciplinary approach integrating ecology, agriculture, architecture, and construction.  Our process and results are scalable from residential properties to neighborhoods to regions.

An overview of our services

We facilitate permaculture design courses and other reskilling trainings which equip citizens with the capacity to grow their own food, medicine and fuel; plan and develop a resilient home infrastructure; and cultivate a high level of self reliance while creating durable and vibrant livelihoods for themselves and their family. 

Using our network of professionals we work across all project phases from visioning and goals articulation to site selection, site planning and development, construction management, project communications, and research/education.  Our clients are proactively engaging a more resilient and enjoyable transition into the post-peak oil age.

A short interview with Ben Falk about our work featured on Canadian Public Radio's Spark with Nora Young - CBC

[An overview of our permaculture design courses]

Teal Farm Center: Perennial Food Systems 2012 from Earth Asset on Vimeo.

[A video overview of one of our large-scale projects - Teal Farm]

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