Why Plan

`It will not always be summer, build barns.'

Reasons to hire an integrated site designer are many but the following are oftentimes the primary motivation for our clients.

  • Results in the highest-quality living environment
    Using a design process that customizes your site and buildings to your lifestyle and goals enables you to achieve the most harmonious and functional living environment. Good site planning increases the fit between building and landscape, the joy and beauty of the living space, and the functionality of the spaces.
  • Saves money
    Investing in design and planning before construction reduces costly change orders and revisions and avoids unforeseen problems that often arise in the construction phase. Investing in design saves more money in the hefty aspect of site development – construction. Thorough design is also evident when properties change hands. The thoughtful design of a landscape is oftentimes the most efficient way of increasing property value.
  • Saves time
    Careful planning and design reduces the amount of changes needed during and after construction. Time invested in a thorough planning process frees your time to enjoy - not be unsatisfied by - your living space in the years ahead. A well designed site requires less maintenance and repair.

Reduces stress
The owner has many aspects to manage, and coordinating the planning and design process can be overwhelming to most property owners/managers. A site planner serves as a project coordinator to ensure that all aspects of a development project are integrated and managed. We often serve as a general contractor to orchestrate all aspects of site development.