Working Landscapes

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
Letter from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington (1787) 

Land-use pioneers turn to us in the cultivation of advanced agricultural ecosystems that increase ecosystem vitality while yielding products and services.

We provide farm design and site development services for properties varying in scale from residential edible landscapes to larger market farms. We also plan and develop conservation subdivisions and agricultural subdivisions. We have planted over 4,000 trees in the development of perennial farm systems, managed pond and stream installations and small to large scale earthworks. We work with clients as they localize food, building material, solar and wind energy, wood heat and other resources. We have designed and are currently implementing working landscapes from intensive 0.50 acre sites to 1300 acre forestland and pasture landscapes. Our range is permacultural, biodiverse, and focuses on developing intentional ecologies that benefit biological communities while producing abundant long-term yields for the human community. Crop systems include; timber, non-timber forest products (mushrooms, herbs, etc), fruit trees, nut trees, rotational pastureland, small fruits, vegetables, fish and aquatic species. Our design approaches often integrate these systems within educational and/or research programming to share the process and results with the larger community.

Our developments go far beyond typical organic agriculture. They are intentional ecologies; polycultural systems that yield food, habitat, learning, materials, beauty, oxygen, soil, inspiration. This is a land-use in which humans are a keystone species within the ecological community of the site. Our work takes us from rural Vermont country properties to urban rooftops.