Whole Systems Research Farm Sales

This page is updated with ongoing farm sales including mushrooms and mushroom spawn, plums, pears, seaberry, duck eggs and more.
We provide fresh and dried products to the following fine establishments in the Mad River Valley as well as neighbors and via mail to others more distantly located:

Wine Cap Stropharia Spawn & Mushrooms Available

Grow your own gourmet mushrooms in wood chips, sawdust or wood shavings.  These will come up in tree mulch rings and right in your vegeable garden.  Our wine cap stropharia spawn is similar to commercial varieties but bred in and for Vermont's climate. 3 lb bags or pots available for $25.00 (or trade with locals for anything homemade/grown such as fruit, nuts, wine, jams, or other goods).  Call or email to get some: 802-343-9490 or email on contact page at bottom of website.

Spawn inoculant (mix into woody material near or in your gardens):


The mushrooms that fruit within a few months or less:


Why grow wine cap stropharia mushrooms?

  • Gourmet, nutrient dense food source, 30% protien loaded with  micronutrients
  • Dryable and storable for years with no energy input (we solar dry and bag)
  • They facilitate fruit tree and vegetable growth when grown in proximity to: they make accessible nutrients not normally available to plants and transform woody material in soil or on the soil surface into rich hummus.
  • Mycelium (fungus root) holds moisture in the soil and increases the soil food web's resistance to pathogens and imbalance: mycelium in your soil increases its resilience in the face of drought, flooding and pests.