Whole Systems Research Farm

This diversfied hillside farm in the Mad River Valley houses the WSD studio/shop and hosts interns, permaculture courses, and visiting client teams. Click here for photos of the site.

The farm is headquarters for our ongoing research and development into low/no input perennial farm systems development and represents one site among a growing handful of properties in our network where ecosystem agriculture projects are maintained, harvested from, and observed, recorded and shared.

The farm offers on-the-ground, primary source material for an ever evolving design approach practiced in the studio. Through a working relationship with the ever-changing land system surrounding the studio our design practice derives a source of inspiration and learning. Interaction with this landscape is our primary teacher and reference, and makes pie-in-the-sky impractical planning approaches, stagnation and disconnection with the life-after the design process (maintenance!) unlikely. We are grateful for the opporunity to be with and learn from land.

We are now selling wine cap stropharia and shiitake mushrooms from the Whole Systems Design Research Farm.

We grow the following foods, medicines and foodmedicines among other:

  • Fruits: seaberry, elderberry, aronia berry, honeyberry, autumn berry, goumi, Korean bush cherry, shipova, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, thimbleberry, hardy and arctic kiwi, grape, apple (many vars.), pear, plum (many vars.), cherry (many vars.), peach, mulberry, pawpaw, more.
  • Vegetables: potato, sunchoke, greens (many vars.), radish, turnip, carrot, cabbage, beans, yacon, pea, garlic, squash (many vars.), and a lot more. 
  • Nuts: oaks (3-4 vars.), walnut (2-3 vars.), chestnuts (many vars.), hickory and pecan, hazelnut, nut pine (3 vars.), more.
  • Rice, wheat grass, amaranth, sometimes more.
  • Mushroom: stropharia, reishi, morel, shiitake, maitake and oyster.
  • Pasture, Sheep, ducks, chickens
  • Fish, crawdads, frogs and the wetland ecosystem, deer


Also visit our WSRF sales page for an overview of purchasable goods.